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Ships / Port Agents

Our direct and personal services include personally;
رمز نقطي Meeting vessel, master and crew on arrival and on departure,
رمز نقطي Assisting with immigration and customs formalities both on arrival and departure,
رمز نقطي Stay on board 24hours  during discharging or loding,
رمز نقطي Monitoring cargo operations for loading , discharging and transhipping,
رمز نقطي Cargo accounting operations,
رمز نقطي Monitoring bunkering operations,
رمز نقطي Obtaining vessels port clearance,
رمز نقطي Arranging and delivering cash to master,
رمز نقطي Monitoring and compiling a statement of facts.
رمز نقطي Cargo / vessels stevedoring,
رمز نقطي Bonded cold store and warehouse facilities,
رمز نقطي Vessels legal matters,
رمز نقطي Officers & crew for medical, hotel, airtickets, hospital and transportation services,
رمز نقطي Rentals.

Personal liaison with our port authorities for;

رمز نقطي Berthing requirements, pilotage and tugs,
رمز نقطي Shore cranes, shore power and fresh water suppliers,
رمز نقطي Dry-dock and syncrolift bookings,
رمز نقطي Customs / vessels clearances,
رمز نقطي Passport matters and guarantee letters,
رمز نقطي Vessels free pratique and health certifications,



Personal liaison with our nominated partners for;

رمز نقطي Vessels repairs, surveys, cleaning and inspection, 
رمز نقطي Engine, turbocharger, auxillary and refrigeration servicing and repairs,
رمز نقطي Radio and technical servicing and repairs,
رمز نقطي Fish factory refits and repairs,
رمز نقطي Winches, derricks, cranes and cargo hold repairs,
رمز نقطي Radar, GMDSS, compass, satellite, echo sounders and fish finder servicing and repairs,
رمز نقطي Propellor, tailshaft, seals, bearing cleaning, servicing and repairs,
رمز نقطي Vessels cargo and airfreight documentation,
رمز نقطي Cargo transport facilities,