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Ship Chartering

Our direct involvement ensures efficient and reliable chartering;
رمز نقطي We search for cargo and vessels worldwide,
رمز نقطي Time and voyage chartering
رمز نقطي We bring together vessels to cargo worldwide,
رمز نقطي Market and freight information
رمز نقطي We negotiate for best freight & insurance rates,
رمز نقطي Round the clock post fixing
رمز نقطي We liaise directly with cargo & vessel owners / brokers,
رمز نقطي Spot or contract voyages
رمز نقطي We arrange solicitation and bookings of cargo,
رمز نقطي We issue bills of ladings and mates receipts,
رمز نقطي Ship management ,
رمز نقطي We arrange vessels for loading phosphate or any other cargo from the tow Syrian ports , Tartous & Lattakia.

"We care for your time