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Ship Chandling

We offer & supply;


Fresh or frozen meat, fish and vegetables,
All tinned ,bottled and jarred products and liquids
Bonded cigarettes, wines, beers, whiskies, brandy's, spirits, etc,
Vessels engine spares and pumps,
Refrigeration spares and pumps,
Communication and radio equipment and spares,
Vessels safety equipment and spares,
Repair tools, adhesives, tapes, mooring ropes,
Fishing clothes ,boots and gloves,
Fishing tackle, ropes, wire, shackles, bobbins, hooks, light sticks,
Vessels bridge stationery and equipment,
Navigational charts, books and equipment,
Cargo nets, ropes and chains,
Freon 22, oxygen, acetylene and other gases,
Welding and brazing equipment,
Bolts, nuts, screws, nails, pins, and needles,
Medical supplies and equipment,
And all other crew & vessel requirements